About Us

Hunter Detail, an Iowa based company, makes detailing products specifically designed for motorcycles. We were founded in 2012 with the release of our first product, Hunter's Bug Kutter. We began our journey to introduce ourselves to as many customers as possible. Today that journey remains at full throttle. Immediately recognizing the needs of our customers we began developing new products. Ghost Wax was released in 2014 and quickly became a success. In 2015, we expanded our brand even wider with the introduction of three new products, Alum-a-Lick, Wicked Orange, and Magic White. While these great products have become customer favorites, Hunter's Bug Kutter continues to be our flagship product. Currently there are nearly 50 dealers in 17 states offering Hunter Detail products to their customers! We take great pride that our product line is made here in the United States. Don't use just any product, reach for the top-shelf, reach for Hunter Detail.

Our Mission

Hunter Detail is committed to providing Superior Detailing Products and First Class Customer Service. Consistent with our Midwestern values, we will always be honest, maintain the satisfaction of our customers, and never pressure a sale. 

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