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19 oz aerosol can

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Hunter’s Bug Kutter our #1 selling product! See how it works here: Hunter’s Bug Kutter Demo!

Hunter’s Bug Kutter is your complete detailing cleaner. This advanced formula can be used anywhere on your motorcycle, especially the windshield. Simply spray it on and allow the foam to work, then wipe clean with ease. The foam is the key, it stays in place and works without dripping, with an amazing bug dissolving power like you’ve never seen! It also includes a sealant that covers the microscopic pores that occur naturally in plastic windshields so bugs will not adhere so deeply. Hands Down the best cleaning product you will ever use! As with all Hunter Detail products, Hunter’s Bug Kutter has our money back satisfaction promise.

Hunter’s Bug Kutter is safe for use on all finishes including but not limited to, all types of plastic or polycarbonate windshields, all types of paint finishes including flat or denim, chrome, aluminum, leather, vinyl, upholstery and carpet. When used on your windshield is anti-fog and helps to reduce glare and makes scratches less pronounced. It also resists dust attraction and fingerprints. Not for use on unfinished wood. Simply the BEST-Guaranteed.

Directions: Shake well. Use a clean soft cloth, we recommend microfiber. Point valve towards object and spray. Use a sufficient amount to achieve foam coverage and allow to penetrate. Softly wipe clean and lightly polish with either the dry side or a second cloth. Abrasive soil should be washed first to avoid any scratching, for best results use Hunter Detail washing products.

TIP: When using to remove bugs, allow the foam to soak until it begins to run. You will see the bugs dissolve into the foam.

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 x 2.75 x 9.5 in

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