Hunter’s Magic Tire


32 oz trigger spray bottle

Hunter’s Magic Tire

Hunter’s Magic Tire is a remarkable formula that works like magic on both black and white wall tires. Blast through grime and return to the rich black look of your tires. Effortlessly bring white walls and white letters back to life. Our formula leaves no residue behind, meaning you won’t be left with a slick, greasy tire that attracts dust. Just spray, wipe, and rinse; your tires will be gleaming like new! As with all Hunter Detail products, Hunter’s Magic Tire has our money back satisfaction promise. Simply the BEST – Guaranteed.


Shake well. Using a water hose, wet area to be cleaned. Spray product directly onto tire, avoid excessive overspray. Allow tire to soak for 30-60 seconds. You’ll notice the Magic Tire react and turn a brown color. Use a brush or abrasive scour pad to work the product into the tire, and then thoroughly rinse the area with water. This product contains strong alkaline and should not be left on paint, aluminum, or magnesium for extended periods. Never allow product to dry. For best results use in conjunction with Hunter Detail Wicked Orange wash soap.


For heavily soiled white walls, follow the above, except use steel wool or steel wool soap pad to work the product into the tire. It’s easier to rinse and repeat than scrub hard.

Weight 2.7 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 3 × 11.5 in

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