Hunter Detail Ghost Wax Leaves No Trace

A Wax That Leaves No Trace

Finding the perfect wax for your motorcycle is a tough job. There are thousands of options on the market, but for us, Hunter’s Ghost Wax stands out above the rest. It has a unique formula that keeps your motorcycle protected without leaving a trace of sticky or chalky residue behind.


Hunter's Ghost WaxWhy Hunter’s Ghost Wax:

Hunter’s Ghost Wax has an easy-to-use mist and wipe design. Simply spray it on, and wipe it clean. It will not streak or leave residue behind. The wax has a light detergent to it and can be used to clean light contamination including dust and water spots (for heavy contamination, first use Hunter’s Bug Kutter). The best part about Hunter’s Ghost Wax, is it will NOT static dust like most waxes.

How to Use:

Hunter’s Ghost Wax can be used on wet or dry surfaces. There’s two ways to do it:

  1. Spray the area on your bike you wish to wax and wipe clean with a microfiber towel. You may need to follow with a second dry cloth.
  2. Dampen a microfiber towel and gently rub onto surface, then follow with a dry cloth.


Hunter’s Ghost Wax is offered in two different sizes: 8 oz and 32 oz bottles.

As with all Hunter Detail Products, Hunter’s Ghost Wax is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Promise. Simply the Best- Guaranteed.


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