Hunter Detail Microfiber Towel Cleaning Tips

Washing Microfiber Towels

Keeping your microfiber towels clean ensures that your ride will stay looking it’s best.

What you should do:

When washing your microfiber towels it’s okay to use detergent but not fabric softener! Fabric softener leaves an oily residue in the towel causing streaks and haze being left behind when wiping your ride. We also recommend pouring in about a cup of distilled vinegar with the load. The vinegar will help break up the wax residue left on the towels! It is safe to put your microfiber towels through the washing machine and dryer. Feel free to use dryer sheets as well.

Extra advice:

If you happen to drop your microfiber towel on the ground, especially pavement or gravel, be sure to check that the cloth hasn’t picked up any rocks or debris. We tend to just throw away towels that get dropped on pavement or gravel just to be safe.

Happy washing & as always- ride safe!

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